Jelle Dittmar, a composer born and raised in the Netherlands, started with playing the piano at the age of 10.

After listening to some of his favorite musical pieces, he found out that he had the ability to play what he had heard immediately.


He took up piano lessons at the Culture and Arts centre in Emmeloord, but after a year he switched to the synthesiser and started to experiment with the instrument.


He learned how to make music with a computer and started to record his own songs, most of the time soundtracks for film.


After a few years, his teacher Piet Hein Appelo, introduced him to the band Lucky 13, which was renamed Backland after a renewal.


Jelle wrote and composed songs for Backland such as 'Abandoned', 'Aggressive', 'Hide' and many others. The songs he writes for the band are mostly inspired by artists like Imagine Dragons, Fall Out Boy and Within Temptation


He also played the keys in various other bands and ensembles. It was in one of these bands, Clinch, where he learned to play the organ, and to play solos.


As a producer he booked a small succes by making a remix of Sweet Dreams by Eurythmics for the Nuvo Dance Convention in the United States.


After following an online Masterclass by Hans Zimmer and getting positive reactions by various record labels such as Massive and BMG Talpa Records in 2018, he decided to focus on composing for film, TV and games.


In 2019, he released multiple albums for various recordlabels for use on TV, and began to work on his first ever feature film.