05 -25 -2023

Jelle has composed the original soundtrack for the upcoming videogame "Days of Doom" developed by Sneakybox and published by ATARI Interactive.

The game will be releasing this year on PS4/PS5, Xbox Series X and S, Nintendo Switch, ATARI VCS, Steam, and the Epic Games Store.


For a new album for Pitch Hammer Music,
Jelle has again collaborated with vocalist Julie Elven (Horizon Zero Dawn, Forbidden West).


Besides Julie her vocals, he also recorded a pipe organ in his hometown of Emmeloord.

The organwas standing in an empty church, and would be sold pretty soon.


Jelle got the chance to record this organ, build by organ manufacturer Leeflang in Apeldoorn Netherlands.

The album will most likely be released in April 2023.


Jelle's latest album Cor Machina for Warner Chappell Production Music,

has been made public on the SourceAudio website.

The album was composed by Jelle and Brian S Carr and recorded with the Budapest Art Orchestra.
The orchestration has been done by Jarryd Elias, and has been mixed by Alvin Wee.


You can listen to it right here: https://scoremongers.sourceaudio.com/album/9352256


For licensing inquiries please contact Warner Chappell Production Music


Jelle has started to work on a Video Game for ATARI.

The release has yet to be determined.


Jelle's latest album "Refractions" is out now!
You can listen to it here:



Jelle's music has been placed in the official trailer

for the new Netflix documentary about the life

of painter and TV celebrity Bob Ross.


Jelle will be making the full soundtrack for the

upcoming film Poeslief 2 (Catfun 2)

by M&N Distribution


Jelle's music has been placed in multiple episodes

of the Netflix Series Dark Desire (Oscuro Deseo)

in Season 1 and 2


Jelle will be making the full soundtrack for the

upcoming documentary "De Schooltuin" (The Schoolgarden)

by Mark Verkerk and EMS Films.