Jelle Dittmar is a Dutch -based composer, actively writing music for Film, Games and Production Music.

Since 2019, he has begun his career in the Production Music industry, focusing on emotional, cinematic and often orchestral music.

He has produced an extensive catalogue of over 500 works for production music libraries all around the globe; including BMG, Warner Chappell and Universal.

He has collaborated with various musicians and orchestra’s including the Budapest Art Orchestra and the FAMES orchestra in Skopje, North Macedonia.

This has fuelled his passion for working with live performers to create unique and vibrant sounds. Furthermore, he has had the pleasure of working with vocalist Julie Elven, who worked on ‘Horizon Zero Dawn’ and ‘Horizon Forbidden West’.

Jelle’s music has been featured in well-known Netflix listings like ‘Oscuro Deseo’ (Dark Desire) and the official trailer of the Bob Ross documentary on Netflix.

Moreover, he has composed the music for two live-action films, including The School Garden which won the award for “Best Innovative Film” in the Chicago International Children's Film Festival (CICFF) in 2020.

Recent work from Jelle includes the soundtrack he produced for the videogame “Days of Doom”, developed by ATARI Interactive and Sneakybox, 

Besides his work as a composer, he has graduated from a Bachelor in Audio Engineering in 2022. 

Currently he is experimenting with new sounds to keep his music fresh and to continue to challenge himself.